Novaturient School:

Positive Outcomes for All.

(adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation (pronuntiation/"nO-va-‘tUr-E-ent)


Novaturient School is an EBD special educational needs school registered to deliver alternative education to 18 students age 11 to 16. All our students currently have Educational Health Care Plans to support both their social and emotional needs and their academic progression. Each student is going through their own unique life path and therefore we identify that each student is at different stages within that educational journey, socially, emotionally and academically. Novaturient School feels this needs an individual approach to the curriculum allowing us to meet the needs alongside stretching the ability of all our students.


Social and Emotional Learning

Addressing negative behaviour fundamentally keeps people safe, but it is also essential to develop a seamless way to address the gaps in social and emotional development, so students are better equipped to manage life changes. Some schools promote academic achievement as their overall objective and see this as more important than building emotional intelligence and equipping students with the ability to participate in society. We believe that until these gaps are addressed, students will not be equipped with key life skills such as; keeping themselves safe, developing motivation, aspirations and encouraging a learning mind-set. Therefore we believe social and emotional learning should have as much emphasis in the curriculum as other subjects, if not more.


(adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation (pronuntiation/"nO-va-‘tUr-E-ent)

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