Our Team Members

Sally Alden

Head Teacher

Strategic Lead/ Independent School Standards, Ofsted Framework and Curriculum Development, Safeguarding Lead, SENCO, EHCP Lead, Staff Management, CPD and GDBR DPO.

Vanya Vanstone

Lead Teacher

Curriculum Coordinator, Fnction Skills, Reading Lead, DSL Deputy and Staff Mentor.



PSHE, RSHE and British Values Lead

Liza McFarlene

Trainee Teacher

Life Skills and Employability Trainee Teacher.

Berni Guttridge

Teaching Assistant

One-to-One Student Support

Jordan Price

Wild Lead

Wild School Tutor, Sports and Fitness Tutor

Katy Millage

Internal Quality Assesor

Accreditation Coordinator and Finance Officer.

Jenny Norris


Science Teacher, LAC Teacher and Mentor

Tracey Borgenvik

Trainee Teacher

Maths Trainee Teacher and Tracking Lead


Teaching Assistant

One-to-One Student Support

Niamh Mcloughlin

Teaching Assistant

One-to-One Student Support

Nicole McGovern

Office Admin

Receptionist, Fire Safety Officer and AQAs Admin

David Harvey

School Therapist

Supporting Staff, Students and Parents. Individual Living Learning Plan Lead.

Paul Cook


Subject Lead Geography and History

Richard Bond-Hart

Trainee Teacher

ICT Trainee Teacher.

Ethan Guttridge

Teaching Assistant

One-to-One Student Support

Kaylee Alden

Enrichment Lead

Arts and Crafts Student Enrichment, Parent/ School Support.

Andrew Mcgovern


Chef, One-to-One Student Support in Cookery.


(adj.) desiring or seeking powerful change in one’s life, behavior, or situation (pronunciation/"nO-va-‘tUr-E-ent)

Phone: 01493 886332

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